Fluffy white bath sheet with a T appliqued on in a pink, blue and yellow floral Liberty Print Fabric. Resting on the towel is a Rose and Sandalwood scented candle in a brown glass jar and Lavender and Neroli bath salts with rose and lavender buds in presented in a clear glass jar. A green leafy plant sits in the top left hand corner.

Time to Spa

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Choose any of our sumptuously soft towels or face cloths to personalise with your choice of letter or motif and fabric then prepare for a deliciously decadent home spa experience.

A candle from Evoke Eden will provide soft lighting and wonderful aromas of Rose and Sandalwood for instant transportation to a spa.

Package includes:

Personalised Face Cloth or towel size of your choice

Rose and Sandalwood Candle from Evoke Eden

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